Keep in mind, our web site is for prospective, current, or new organizations interested in sponsoring the José Cole Circus to help their organizations raise money for their communities. Please read below to see how your email will be processed.

You will receive an email reply if you:

  • Are inquiring about booking dates
  • Would like to invite us to your community
  • Need references to be provided for your organization
  • Are the President of an organization we are currently working with
  • Have additional questions pertaining to our circus performing in your community
  • Would like to be contacted by us to find out how we can help your organization raise funds for your community

You may or may not receive an email reply if you are:

  • Asking us general information about circuses
  • Telling us about attending the José Cole Circus
  • A performer asking for information about touring with our circus
  • A member of the media inquiring about PSA's, radio spots, ads, photos, or interviews

You will not receive an email reply if you are inquiring about:

  • Our route, or which communities we visit
  • Times, dates, and places of our performances
  • Sponsor, performer, media or vendor contact information
  • Ticket information pertaining to the communities we appear

With the mobility of the José Cole Circus, we are not able to check our email on a regular basis, so a reply to your email may be slow in coming.

When sending us an email, please provide an alternate way for us to contact you, such as a home, office or cell phone number, in case it is needed.

Please contact us via email at:
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(Be sure to format the email address using the "@" symbol as you normally would.)